Frostbite Fan/Shroud Pkg - Economy Series 1x16 fan - FB126,FB127,FB128, FB129, FB130, FB131

Frostbite Economy Fan/Shroud Package

  • High-Horsepower street cars and trucks can be a challenge to keep cool. A proper cooling system is essential to maximizing your vehicles performance and increasing the longevity of your ride. Electric Fans and shrouds can improve the efficiency of your radiator and eliminate parasitic power drain from factory style mechanical cooling fans. Holley is pleased to introduce its latest offering – Frostbite "Economy" Series Fan/Shroud packages for Frostbite Aluminum Radiators. Our "Economy" series of fan/shroud packages will be direct applications specific fittings for our existing 2, 3, and 4-row Frostbite Aluminum radiators.


    • Aircraft quality aluminum shroud material make to form fit to your specific radiator
    • Several fan configurations (2x10”, 2x12”, 1x14”, 2x14”, and 1x16”) based on CFM draw and shroud coverage
    • Applications for GM, Ford, Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep and LS-Swap available
  • Amp Draw 14
    Brand Frostbite
    CFM 1100
    Fan Type Electric
    Material Aluminum
    Product Type Radiator Fan/Shrouds
    Part Number FB511E