The fastest, easiest way to know exactly when it's safe to open your radiator cap. Fits most domestic AMC, GM, Ford, Jeep, and Chrysler 4, 6, and 8 cylinder radiator's.

Thermocap - 16 PSI - Silver

SKU: 2471S
  • Thermo Cap 16 psi - silver. Knowing your coolant temperature can help to prevent burn injuries. Thermo Cap, with its built-in calibrated thermometer, indicates the coolant temperature. This is useful information prior to cap removal. Never attempt to remove Thermo Cap when the coolant temperature is very hot. The escaping hot coolant and steam may burn you. Reclamation valve works great with your coolant recovery system. Your radiator can reclaim coolant from your overflow bottle. Wide 30 degree to 270 degree F temperature range. Calibrated in centigrade and Fahrenheit. Color-coded temperature ranges.


    • Indicates Coolant Temperature
    • Helps to Prevent Injuries from coolant or steam burns
    • Integrated Coolant Reclamation Valve
    • Improves Underhood Appearance
    • Fahrenheit and centigrade readings
    • Various valve pressures available